GLCAC -Our Fiscal Agent and Partner

The Greater Lawrence Community Action Council is our fiscal agent.  They allow us the non-profit status so your donations to us are tax-deductible.

They are the agency we refer all our clients to when tragedy strikes.  We thank them for all they do for our clients and those in need throughout the Greater Lawrence area.


Our mission for 2017 is to reach out to all residents that are renting apartments.​

Did you know the Red Cross provides two days worth of Emergency Aid of food, clothing and shelter.  The first night in a hotel you would be responsible for is $120.  Renters Insurance could be as little as $120 a year.  This would cover you for Fire, Theft and Water Damage.  This could be caused from another tenants apartment or neighboring building.  Please contact an Insurance Agent as soon as possible.

Heal Lawrence is joined by 24Fire!

We are proud to announce a new partnership!  24Fire, a fire cleanup company that is working with us for our clients, the property owners getting their property back in order and the city by keeping the neighborhoods from looking like neglected buildings for long periods of time.

Heal Lawrence
5 Bennington St.
Lawrence, Ma 01841

978-902-2336   Juan "Manny" Gonzalez
978-758-8499   Wayne Hayes

Hello Sir or Madam,                                                                                                                                                     June 25, 2017

     We are Heal Lawrence, a grassroots organization that recently has undertaken the mission of helping victims of fires or any other disasters in Lawrence.  Please accept this letter as an invitation to become a partner in Heal Lawrence.
     The principles are Wayne Hayes, former President of the Mt Vernon Neighborhood Association, and Juan “Manny” Gonzalez, a Lawrence Firefighter.  We both share the same belief that we must help those that need help.
      Juan has been a great driving force that did a lot of legwork for the Lafayette Ave fire victims five years ago.  Juan is a full time partner and I am proud to work with him.

​      Other people that have joined in the Heal Lawrence team are Joe D’Amore, a resident Groveland.  Joe is a great advisor and partner.
     Domingo Melendez, an activist like us, and a radio show host that has offered airtime so we can reach out to and unify the Latino/Hispanic communities.
     Dalia Diaz, publisher of Rumbo, the English/Spanish newspaper, has offered to promote our positive ways of change and improvement and translate our message to Spanish.
     We could only accept gift cards, furniture and household items when we started.  We could not accept cash.  We have partnered with the GLCAC, Greater Lawrence Action Community Council, who have become our fiscal agent so donations to us are tax deductible.
         These are the first partners of Team Heal Lawrence.  You can be a partner by watching www.heallawrence.org and helping whenever you can.  Spreading the word is another way.  Email us at heallawrence@aol.com.

Thank you
Wayne Hayes


Juan “Manny” Gonzalez


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